RC - Yaroslavl, The concept of development of the cultural - business centre

Short description: 

The concept of development of the cultural - business center in Yaroslavl city is in study of planning and design. This center is projected by design group "Isograf" from Yaroslavl. I am engaged in designing of ecological cultural - business center of Yaroslavl city as the adviser. This design group uses the book :"Architectural - building ecology" (author - Tetior A.N.) with the purpose of complex application of ecological decisions in the project. The purpose of creation of the center consists not only in an ecologization of the project, but also in demonstration of advantages of modern ecological decisions for their wider application in city. The complex of ecologization of the cultural - business center includes the following decisions: the low and high density building, the full use of underground space under all territory of the centre (about 15 thousand sq. meters) for underground parking place, the gardening of flat sites of all roofs and a part of a covering above underground garage, the pedestrian traffic in territory of the center, the geothermal heating. The design group considers a question of use of solar power engineering and wind power, passive solar heating, energy economic ventilation. This center allows to use the central territory of Yaroslavl multifunctionally and to lower harmful influences

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Province of Yaroslavl




Type(s) of MILU
Interweaving: use of the same space for different functions.
Intensifying of space for one function.
Layering: use of the third dimension of space. e.g. the underground.


GREEN - green spaces and urban rural relations.


"Yarstroytechno" (Yaroslavl Technical Building); Prof. A. Tetior

Planning and design:
"Yarstroytechno" (Yaroslavl Technical Building)

Lessons learned

All design decisions specified in the short description will be applied for the first time in Yaroslavl. Quality of the city environment in this business centre will be improved by application of low buildings (which are identical to old Russian architecture), by displacement of all automobiles to underground space, by vertical and horizontal gardening buildings. The role of ecological education of all users of the business centre is very important with the help of the ecological environment and ecological design decisions. Participation of inhabitants is not stipulated. All legal and financial problems will solve the investor - "Open Company Jarstrojtehno".