NOVI SAD - Study case dossier

Draft Studycase dossier for the Implementation lab in Novi Sad 2012
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The Concept of Spatial Planning and Landscaping

  • According to the concept of spatial development of Novi Sad, retention of existing and introduction of  new compatible functions is planned for the urban area along the left Danube river bank, with respect for the ecological, environmental and sustainable development aspects.
  • Sport, recreation and tourism are the functions that can provide a better quality of life for the citizens, economic development and further spatial planning for the river bank.
  • The planned construction of the city river marine and accompanying facilities shall provide Novi Sad a place on the maps of nautical tourism of the Danube region.
  • By dislocating existing industrial functions, we create new possibilities for the river bank area, identify desirable form of sports and physical activities and tourist attractions, new business and cultural facilities, as well as conditions for their realizations. Accessibility and attractiveness of the area to all residents of Novi Sad are recognized as the major urban and social quality of this concept.
  • The plan retains functions implemented in accordance with the existing documentation: student dorms complex, hospitality facilities and cottage resort on the Fisherman Island, the City Beach and more.
  • The causeway in the form of a quay functions as a promenade, running parallel to the cycling and jogging trails. The causeway connects the entire coastal area of Novi Sad to the centre of the city.
  • New sports, recreational and cultural content planning is a part of a revitalization project for the Danube river bank aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the area, mainly for sports and recreation, cultural and other non-residential functions supposed to complement predominantly residential area of the adjacent neighbourhoods of Liman, Telep and Adice.
  • Business and cultural facilities, planned within the complex of the former `Petar Drapšin` factory or the Chinese District, should also provide public space accessible to a large number of users.
  • The city river marina construction is planned in the area between Kamenica River Island and Fisherman Island and it would become a part of nautical tourism offer on this part of the Danube river flow.
  • Kamenica River Island and Fisherman Island are planned as forested green areas designated for sports and recreational activities, but primarily for preservation of the specific micro-climate of Fruška gora mountain and Panonian plain. The area will be forested with indigenous species (white poplar, willow, alder, elm, ash, oak, plane tree, etc).

Urban Areas With Predominant Greenland Function
The planned construction area is divided into three spatial units within the regulatory lines.

Kamenica River Island, Adice and Telep Settlements along the Bank

  • The area of the complex is approximately 171 ha.
  • Its revitalization would directly contribute to the realization of programs intended for the people of Adice and Telep. Indirectly, however, it would contribute to the whole city and its touristic potentials.
  • Maximal allowed floor space index is 10 %.
  • In order to protect the area from flooding, it is necessary to fill causeways, which would enable the whole-year-round utilization of the facilities.
  • The access to the area for cars, pedestrians and bicycles is through the existing causeway.
  • In the half-closed inlet of Šodroš, an artificial lake with water-filtration is planned. Moreover, a rowing track is also planned along the Šodroš, as well as a resort on its northern side, with all the accompanying hospitality and touristic resort facilities.
  • In the central part of the Kamenica River Island, a recreational and sport facility is planned (open courts with the accompanying facilities, tennis court, etc.), a beach along the Danube with a parking lot.
  • In the eastern part of the Kamenica River Island, a business and cultural facility is planned, a city marina, tourist and sport facilities, parking lots, green belt area, as well as a docking facility for smaller tourist vessels.

1- Sodros Inlet Swans

1- Sodros Inlet swans

2- Sodros inlet vessels

2- Sodros inlet vessels

3- Sodros Inlet Chanel

3- Sodros Inlet channel

4- Kamenica Island - Danube bank

4- Kamenica island - Danube bank

Fisherman Island

  • The area of the complex is approximately 32.4 ha.
  • The whole comprises of the Fisherman Island and the defunct shipyard. The whole area is connected with the city traffic route.
  • The shipyard premises has a quite specific position and is strategically much better located than any other surrounding area. By altering its purpose, the now defunct shipyard area is to be transformed into a tourist, sport, recreational and commercial facility, all of which should functionally connect the coastal area with the city through the Liman neighborhood.
  • Fisherman Island is a natural resource soon to be classified as a protected area. Its area is to be developed into various recreational and sport grounds, as well as tourist facilities.
  • Maximal allowed floor space index is 10 %.
  • Western part of the Fisherman Island, the area along the Šodroš inlet, will serve as a part of the city marina (whose major part will be on Kamenica River Island).the accompanying facilities will be commercial, trade, hospitality, parking and sport complexes.
  • The central part of Fisherman Island is planned as a tourist and hospitality facility, as well as urban forest, mainly for recreational purposes (hiking, bicycle and jogging lanes, various sporting grounds, retreat zone, etc.)
  • A small-scale cabin and cottage settlement is located in the eastern part of the Island.
  • On its northern side, various docking areas are planned: for houseboats, fishing-boats marina, naturally observing the free passage and navigation regulations.
  • A pedestrian-bicycle bridge connecting Fisherman Island and the Sunny Quay is also planned.

6- Danube - Fisherman Island

5- Danube - Fisherman Island

6- Fisherman Island Liberty Bridge

6- Fisherman Island Liberty Bridge

7- Fisherman Island - Liberty Bridge

7- Fisherman Island Liberty Bridge

8- Fisherman Island

8- Fisherman Island

9- Fisherman Island City beach strand

9- Fisherman Island - City beach strand

Chinese District, Liman Neighborhood with the Danube Inlet

  • The area of the complex is approximately 65.6 ha.
  • The plan maintains the currently functioning city beach Štrand and the nearby public parking lot.
  • Within the lot dominated by the three student dorms is the so-called Czech Depot facility.
  • A pedestrian and bicycle lanes are planned along the Danube causeway.
  • Due to its potential and appeal, the location of the Chinese District is planned to house future commercial and cultural facilities (culture center, cinema, a department of the Contemporary Arts Museum, concert hall, administration facilities, hotel with the accompanying hospitality and commercial facilities, etc.)
  • Chinese District has 114 business and commercial units with the total area of 16240.08 m2.


10- Danube - Inlet docks

10-  Danube - Inlet docks

11- Danube - Inlet future pedestrian bridge

11- Danube - Inlet future pedestrian bridge


12- Danube - Inlet Housing pontoon

12- Danube - Inlet housing pontoon

13- Danube Pontoons

13- Danube - Pontoons

14- Causeway by the city beach strand

14- Causeway by the city beach strand

15- Sunny quay future pedestrian bridge

15- Sunny quay future pedestrian bridge

16- Czech depot

16- Czech depot


Statistics and function indicators



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