CUPA - Planning Workshops 2010 - 2014


As part of the Co-operative Urban Planning Approaches (CUPA) project, partner cities will organize a series of workshops in the period September 2010 till December 2014 to discuss specific urban planning problems.
The workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to analyze these problems in a structured manner and develop appropriate solutions.
The methodology and structure to be used is derived from the INTERREG IVc project MILUnet (Multifunctional and Intensive Land Use network).

On the bases of the earlier experiences with the involvement of international expertise in the
framework of the Interreg IIIc Operation MILUnet, it was considered useful to invite the International Intervision Institute (III) the not for profit successor of the MILUnet project, to assist the CUPA programme in the organization and facilitation of the 9 envisaged workshops according to the format of an Implementation Lab, to be held in the period September 2010 till December 2014.

The CUPA programme  involves seven partners that host an Implementation Lab:
1.    Bratislava
2.    Lviv
3.    Krakow
4.    Novi Sad
5.    Odessa
6.    Zagreb
7.    Lublin

Other cities that are joined in the CUPA programme -some of which are considering to host an Implementation Lab - but will be participating in the Implementation Lab of other cities    
8.    Budapest
9.    Sofia
10.    Györ
11.    Ulm
12.    Belgrade
13.    Bucarest
14.    Osijek
15.    Warsaw


For the Authority that hosts an Implementation Lab a document is prepaired with general information (document dated: 15 February 2011).

Download this document: