[Update: 29 May 2015]

The venue of the meeting will be Hotel London (Rüütli 9, Tartu), 3 minutes walk from the town hall.


The programme

Day 0     Tuesday 2nd  of June 2015

             The day before the beginning of the workshop all participants
             will be given the opportunity to meet at 18.00 hours at the
                main entrance of the City Hall
to join an informal walk
             through the old city of Tartu and enjoy the informal gathering
             in the Vilde restaurant (Vallikraavi 4 Tartu 51003) from


Day 1     Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

08.15     Registration desk opens in the Hotel London

             You will be handed out a name badge, a name plate and a
             portfolio with the programme update, the list of participants
             as well as the CV’s of the international - and national experts.
             On the registration desk we will have the printed materials
             about the study case area available.

09.00     Official welcome by the Mr. Jarno Laur, Vice Major and Councillor
             of Tartu City.

09.30     General introduction to the programme by Huibert A. Haccoû,
             CUPA chair of the Implementation Lab and Volkmar Pamer,
             City Planner Vienna.

09.45     The CUPA programme and its ambitions by Vincent Neumayer,
             Project Manager of Tina Vienna.

09.30     Introductions to the case study area by Mr. Indrek Ranniku,
             Head of the Master planning and Development Service of the
             Department of Urban Planning Land Survey and Land use and
             mr. Mati Raamat,  Head of Engineering Service of the City
             Engineer Department of Urban Planing, Land survey and Land

             Formulation of the problem statements and short

10.30-11.15    Coffee break

11.15-13.00    Reference cases: presentations from the CUPA
                     participating cities and experts.

13.00-14.30    Lunch at Atlantis restaurant (Narva mnt. 2, Tartu 51009).

14.30-16.00    Bus ride to the study case area (Raadi). Guided tour in
                     the  Estonian National Museum and walk through the
                     study case area.

16.30 -18.00   Boat ride on Emajõgi.

18.00             Return to hotel.

19.30             Host dinner at London Polpo restaurant (Rüütli 9, Tartu,

21.30             End of day 1


Day 2     Thursday 4th of July 2015

08.15     Opening of the registration desk

08.30     Introduction and Q & A; Assessment of the problem statement
             subgroup formation, two subgroups will be formed.

09.30     Coffee break

10.00     Working session subgroups starting with observations.

12.00     Lunch at London Polpo restaurant (Rüütli 9, Tartu, 51007)

13.30     Working sessions continued with suggestions.

15.30     Introduction formation and instruction of task forces.

               Start of the recommendation phase.

17.30     End workshop sessions.

             Facilitators sit together with host to formulate the main
             messages as results of the IL.

18.30     Free time

19.30     Dinner at Sisevete Saatkond (opposite Munga tn 18,
             restaurant is located on the river, beside the river bank)

21.30     End of day 2


Day 3     Friday 5th of July 2015

08.00     Check out of the hotel!

08.30     Plenary start of the last IL workshop day.

09.00     Working groups exchange and finalize their recommendations.

11.30     Presentation of recommendations to the municipal decision
             makers and the press.

12.30     End of the CUPA Implementation Lab workshop Tartu.

             Leaving for lunch at Polpo restaurant (lunch is optional)


More information:        
Henri Eessalu
Mobile: +37256640162