TARA Dubrovnik meeting

The purpose of the TARA Dubrovnik meeting was to identify and disseminate across the Atlantic new techniques, policies, analytical tools, and lessons learned on land use planning to mitigate climate change. Discussion items included strategies for reducing greenhouses gases by lowering vehicle miles traveled, carbon sequestration via tree cover and open space protection, and energy savings via sustainable urban design.

More specifically, the workshop adressed three questions:
    1.    What land use plans and strategic actions are currently being taken to address climate change at the local and regional levels in Europe and the United States?
    2.    How effective are those strategies and what needs to be done to make them more effective?
    3.    What role should state, national and international levels of government play in shaping land use policies at the local level?
The number of participants is intentionally small and includes three sets of individuals from both sides of the Atlantic: representatives of local or regional governments that have adopted innovative approaches to land use planning; scholars with expertise in planning, transportation, energy, and urban design; and policy makers from influential national and international organizations.
More information & presentations: http://smartgrowth.umd.edu/croatia/index.html