Introduction on study cases

Study cases have been subject in an Implementation Lab that was hosted by the “owner“ of the study case.
A study case has been tackled in an international  intervision workshop which produced unbiased observations and suggestions, leading to a set of recommendations
The proceedings of these Implementation Labs are laid down in a final report that can be downloaded from this IIInstitute website.
Click on the relevant study case webpage, the read more button and scroll down till you have reached to button referring to the jpg file.

Study cases


MILU Portland Working Party
May 9-12 2004

The Portland (Oregon) meeting of the IFHP’s MILU (Multifunctional and Intensive Land Use) working party held May 9-12, 2004 was the fifth and final meeting in a series of gatherings held at the invitation of a host city.

Portland’s Bureau of Planning hosted this meeting with additional sponsorship and support from Shiels, Obletz and Johnsen, SERA Architects and The Pochter Group.

The purpose of such MILU...

Stockholm MILUnet Workshop Kista
9-11 June 2004 Stockholm - Sweden

The main problems to address at the Workshop in Stockholm are as follows:

A. Local case: What makes it a place?

  • How can we create an attractive central place and make this place distinct, so that it becomes a positive part of the public consciousness of Kista?
  • Can a future “central district” be defined and developed in order to improve urban qualities and functions in Kista?


Implementation Lab - Mantova
3-5 November 2004 Mantova - Italy

Sabbioneta is a town in Lombardy, Italy, within the province of Mantua.
It is located 30 km to the north of Parma, not far from the banks of the river Podia.
The population is estimated to be about 4,200 inhabitants: of these between 200 and 300 live within the old city centre (Old Sabbioneta).The area is approx. 37 km2.

Today, there are serious relationship problems...

Gdynia meeting IFHP Working Party MILU:
4–6 June 2003 Gdynia - Poland

The IFHP Working Party MILU is an international network of professionals in the field of multifunctional and intensive landuse.

This document reports the results of the study visit of the IFHP Working Party MILU to the Polish harbour city of Gdynia in June 2003.

The subject matter is the development of a new city centre close to the New Maritime Forum connecting the new city centre  to the waterfront that has become avialable...


Implementation Lab - Vienna
5–7 June 2002 Vienna - Austria

The Vienna meeting of the IFHP’s MILU (Multi-Functional and Intensive Land Use) working party held June 5-7th, 2002 was the third meeting in a series of June gatherings held at the invitation of a host city.

This meeting was hosted by the Municipality of Vienna with additional sponsoring and support from the Dutch Ministry for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment and HABIFORUM, the Dutch expertise...

MILU Working Party Oslo
6-8 June 2001 Oslo - Sweden


The programme is structured around 4 major topics:

  • Changing harbour related functions into city related functions and the options a MILU strategy can provide for which the Bjørvika Area was the focus (A).
  • Building above a railway station, the opportunity, the costs, and how a MILU strategy can help out. Here also the Bjørvika Area was the object of study (B).
  • Designing the process of...