Introduction on study cases

Study cases have been subject in an Implementation Lab that was hosted by the “owner“ of the study case.
A study case has been tackled in an international  intervision workshop which produced unbiased observations and suggestions, leading to a set of recommendations
The proceedings of these Implementation Labs are laid down in a final report that can be downloaded from this IIInstitute website.
Click on the relevant study case webpage, the read more button and scroll down till you have reached to button referring to the jpg file.

Study cases

Implementation Lab - CUPA Bratislava
20-22 SEPT 2010 Bratislava - Slovakia

The Implementation Lab from 20-22 September 2010 builded on the results of the Interreg KOBRA 2010 project that aimed to promote cooperation between Slovak and Austrian municipalities in the process of urban development and planning of the greater Bratislava region.

The objectives of the KOBRA 2010 project: were twofold:

  • to develop a joint spatial vision for the Austrian urban regional municipalities...

Implementation Lab - Kagran Centre
21 MAY 2010 Vienna - Austria

The central area of Kagran is a place of great opportunities and significance.
It has a high centrality with the district administration on place and a big shopping mall. Furthermore it is highly connected to all sorts of transport.

Still it has some structural problems. In the course...

Vienna Implementation Lab
2–4 September 2009 Vienna - Austria


Local case:

A glass house gardening area situated in the South of Vienna has 40 hectares (400.000 m²) and is cut in two by the by the metro line U6 which runs on a dam (barrier).The area was a gardening area for a long time. Still a lot of properties are used for gardening (especially green house growing). Some of the owners have sold their properties to building...

Implementation Lab - Eindhoven Strijp-S
7–8 MAY 2006 Eindhoven - The Netherlands


  • How do you transform a former Philips site into a unique new urban area?
  • How do you transform sturdy industrial building area into a pleasant walkable and bicable neighborhood where life, work and leisure are well balanced ?

Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad have taken up this challenge.
The publication Strijp-S Eindhoven reports the results of the Intervision Workshop.

Workshop - Charleroi
10 – 12 MAY 2006 Charleroi - Belgium


Charleroi is a Belgian city with a population of 212,000 approx., situated 50km to the south of the capital, Brussels. The city has an area of about 102 km2 and is located at a crossing point of the River in Hennegau province, Wallonia.

Digue Square is an historic locality in Charleroi. Since the 9th C, at the beginning of the Charnoy village, it has been at an important...

JULY 2006 Middelburg - The Netherlands

Dissemination of knowledge is one of the most important issues of the MILU and MILUnet programme. What would be the use of a project like this, if there were no chance that others have a stake in this accumulation of experience?
And who would be a better audience than young urban professionals? People who have finished their education and are on the verge of entering into professional life or already right in the middle of it. For them MILUnet organised a dissemination...

Implementation Lab - Patras
8-10 November 2006 Patras - Greece

Patras has three different port areas, each possessing different functions.
These are: the Marina, the Old Port and the New Port.

It was the idea of N.E.A. (Development Enterprise of Achaia Prefecture) that the New Port of Patras should provide the local case study.
Discussions during the workshop showed, however, that the development of the New Port is closely...

Workshop and Implementation Lab - Huelva
20-22 APRIL 2005 Huelva - Spain

The metropolitan area of la Ria (Odiel Tinto) de Huelva is on the southern coastal area of Andalusia at the tip of an estuary of the Odiel and Tinto rivers, which merge before joining the Atlantic Ocean.
The economic base of this metropolitan area is primarily derived from the processing and extraction of chemicals from local and regional mines. Despite an extended history of settlement and geographic significance, this area of...

Implementation Lab - Munich
26 - 28 October 2005 Munich - Germany


location of case area
Munich is the capital of the Free State of Bavaria in the far South of the Federal Republic of Germany and is one of Germany’s and Europe’s most prosperous cities. The service sector is the dominant sector of the city’s economy, accounting for 72% of Munich’s GDP. The population is estimated to be 1....

4-7 April 2004 MILUnet Launch Meeting The Hague - The Netherlands

To start up the whole MILUnet operation the Lead Partner, together with the secretariat, organised a Launch Meeting from 4-7 April 2004 in The Hague in the Carlton Beach Hotel in Scheveningen.

Besides discussing a lot of organisational issues, this was also the first try out of the Implementation Lab, the results can be found in the report.
What Habiforum intents to do with the established European - and to a lesser...