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The case study regards the ZAGREB FAIR GROUNDS.
There is a great concern about the development and management of the Zagreb Fair Grounds, so there is an urgent need to work on that topic. During our preparatory visit, this Zagreb Fair Ground was visited and a general impression was gained of Zagreb City. A first impression is published on the website of the international Intervision Institute ( We will try to develop concepts how to revitalize these fair grounds, and mobilize civic support both in terms of volunteering and in terms of stakeholders, so steps forwards can be taken.

The participants of the workshop will be encouraged to identify different aspects of involving stakeholders also financially and to suggest possible spatial proposals for the introduction of additional or new functions that could easily be combined with the fair ground function.

Questions, amongst others, are:
•    What kind of functions can be combined on the Zagreb Fair Grounds that may become
      new attractions for developers and city residents?
•    How will redevelopment of the Zagreb Fair Grounds influence the society in terms of
      sociological, economic and cultural aspects?
•    How to make the most of the Fair Grounds in terms the already abundantly present
      sports and, recreational facilities, leisure, etc.?
•    How could the Zagreb Fair Grounds be renovated and maintained without use of
      additional budget of the City of Zagreb?
•    How could development at the edges of the Zagreb Fair Grounds look like and how
      could this development have an influence on the renewal of the fairgrounds?

A complete study case dossier is being prepared. The dossier and relevant maps will be put on the website of the International Intervision Institute ( and of DonauHanse (


STUDYCASE DOSSIER [Update 30th June 2013]


All participants are urged to visit the websites for updates of the dossier that will be published as soon as they become available. (see for the study case dossier the III website, the page Upcoming events). This website contains all the essential information on the study case and the broad outline of the IL workshop programme.

The venues of the meeting will be:

  • ZgForum (Gajeva street 27) for the getting together party and for the official opening and closing;
  • The Main Office Building on the Zagreb Fair Grounds (Avenija Dubrovnik 15) for the workshop sessions.