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A short preparatory visit was made to Tartu from 30th of March till 1st of April 2015.

The initiative is taken by Municipality of Tartu to invite the core members of the CUPA programme.

In the framework of the CUPA programme, the seventh Implementation Lab Workshop was held on Wednesday 2nd till Friday 5th June 2015.


Characteristics of the study case Tartu
During our preparatory visit, the study case area was visited and a general impression was gained of the City of Tartu.

Tartu is located in the south east of Estonia some 190 km away from its capital Tallinn, and is considered to be an important university city that houses a great number of students.

The main attractions are the medieval city center, a striving industry and numerous museums.

On a new location the Estonian National Museum is currently being built at the border of Tartu City, about 2 km from the city center and certainly one of the assets for a worthwhile visit to Tartu .  

How to improve pedestrian-and biking permeability between riverbanks? Identifying also the development opportunities on the banks of the river Emajõgi.

A new development also connected to the barrier/connectivity issue caught the attention during our site visit tour and appeared to be rather urgent and not well thought out as yet. It is the question how to connect the new built Estonian National Museum that is expected to attract great numbers of visitors in all seasons. This museum under construction is only 2 km away from the city centre. The most directly connecting street suffers from unsuitability for this direct axis between the newly build Estonian National Museum and the city centre.


Problem Statement
Which let to the following problem statement:

- How to improve the connectivity between the Estonian Nation Museum and the City Centre in such a way that it contributes to the quality of space of the riverbanks and the quality of public spaces between Raadi and Raekoja Plats?

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Findings Preparatory visit
The CUPA Team consisting of Volkmar Pamer, city planner of Vienna, Vincent Neumayer, programme manager of TINA Vienna, a consultant to the City of Vienna and Huibert A. Haccoû, director of the International Intervision Institute, visited 30 March ‐ 1 April 2015 the City of Tartu, to prepare a CUPA Implementation Lab.

Their findings were registrated in the document of the Preparatory visit for the CUPA Implementation Lab of Tartu, prepared by Huibert A. Haccoû.

Download here the document of the preparatory visit (PDF 2,3 Mb)

Programme of the workshop
The web-page with the detailed programme can be found here.

A PDF of the invitation for the CUPA Implementation Lab in Tartu including the programme of the workshop can be downloaded here.


The Final report of the CUPA TARTU Implementation Lab is available. (Update: 25th october 2015)


IL-TARTU-part-1-Final-report-2015-06-02-till-05-[final].pdf (53,5 Mb)

IL-TARTU-part-2-Final-report-Study-case-dossier-29_05_15.pdf (32 Mb)

Both files (part 1 and part 2) can be downloaded in this zipfile:
IL-TARTU-part-1-and-2-Final-report-2015-06-02-till-05-[final].zip (80,5 Mb)