RC - Reformation of Rio fortress in Achaia

Short description: 

Rio Fortress is found on the most extreme point of the homonym cape on the western entrance of the Corinthian gulf. The top of the cape is headed North where the Fortress is incorporated along with its central entrance and perimeters ditch of protection placed on the South. The proposed project includes restoring the rampart and more specifically rebuilding the main entrance gate on the south, sections of the perimeter's walls on the south and buildings within the Fortress, ditch restoration and degradation of all the newest constructions of the army. With these proposals the following are ensured:
1) Extension of the corridors network that can be visited inside the Fortress.
2) Restoration of the above mentioned sections in order to maintain the authenticity of the monumental building.

3) Assuring the static sufficiency of structural elements to ensure the secure access to the building and its long term maintenance as well.

Start date: 
Implementation date: 
Western Greece



Type(s) of MILU

Use of the fourth dimension of space, i.e. time.


BLUE - water-systems and water related issues.



Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Planning and design:

Hellenic Ministry of Culture


Lessons learned

Rio Fortress is included within the tourist axis of Patras- Olympia- Ionian Islands and has many visitors. However, there are some unsolved security matters mainly regarding the inside surrounding walls of the building and for that reason many sections of the building are out of reach for the visitors. The project's proposals will deal with slipping problems so for the building to be properly developed as a tourist attraction and place to shelter cultural events as well.
The proposed restoration is going to have only positive results for Rio region and the environment since it will contribute to the promotion and development of the area. It will have positive repercussions to the Employment since new vacant positions of complete and partial work will be opened during the restoration and after it.