RC - Mantova, Mondadori square

Short description: 

Mondadori place is settled in a strategic urban context, at the margin of historical centre of Mantova, very close to an important road from south-west to north of the city where is located the train station. Actually the square is dedicated to bus station. In the north side of the square is located the new Chamber of Commerce building and the reorganisation of the main road with the new "rondò" are completed. The project concern the new settlement of the area with mixed function: transportation services and station (connected with the new bus stops and the train station), reorganisation of the road sistems and parking areas, tertiary places with commercial area and new hotel, new residential building, green areas and pedestrian ways. The new functions are organised also on different levels. The elevations show the attention of design to the historical context existing in the north side.

The innovative aspects of the project are:
the development projects and initiatives according to urban and infrastructural policy and design the connections with old and new functions the re-qualification of urban structures according to economical and social polarization systems (Mantova offers the main services into the Province) the realisation of different typologies of urban uses. The main project highlights are located in the close historical centre and to reach by foot

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Lessons learned
New design for the settlements of residential and turistical character in a mixed context (historical building heritage and marginal infrastructural area)
New connection between historical centre tertiary area and public transport
Re-qualification of the urban structure coherent with the programming of the infrastructural and transportation interventions
Addition of value to the place characterised by high accessibility (existing and foreseen), in order to localise plants and services that serve user catchment areas covering more than the single municipalities
Promotion of localised initiatives with a supra-municipal value
Development of inter-institutional coordination actions and agrees, in order to carry out complex activities and to design with the participation and the contentment of Local Authorities (Municipalities and Chamber of Commerce organisation)