RC - Opening up of St. George street - Ermou in the city of Patras and reformation of the region.

Short description: 

This project includes the opening up of St George street and the comlete reconstruction of the pavements and the gradient in a total of 2335 square metres in area. In order for the project to be realized, the following must be done:

1. Preparation and clearance of the area, removal of bushes, tearing-down of old buildings, deracination in a depth of 25 cm. especially in the area of the rising gradient. 

2. Demolition of already existing stoneworks inside the expropriated area and part-demolition of the rising gradient in order to reach the desirable height defined by the project.

3. Stockade with stakes of reinforced concrete of a 60 cm diametre and a 13 m length, used as buttressing up of the gradient. 

4. Construction of supporting walls made of reinforced concrete C25/30. The height of the walls varies in relation to the surface of the ground in the area.

5. Construction of additional stoneworks and their reinforcement in key positions.

6. Reconstruction of pavements along St George street in a total length of 400 m, on both sides, and of varied width.

7. Construction of a water supply system connected with the central network. 

8. Placement of water wells 

9. Central lighting in St George street with lighting metallic poles of a 10 m height for every 20 m.. Peripheral lighting in steps and pavements with metal poles 3.5 m. high.

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City of Patras
Western Greece - Achaia Prefecture





Type(s) of MILU

Intensifying of space for one function.

Use of the fourth dimension of space, i.e. time.

RED - the urban fabric and its infrastructure.


Municipality of Patras

Planning and design:

Municipality of Patras


Municipality of Patras (Financed by the Region of Western Greece)
Lessons learned

This project constitutes part of the Corporate Plan "Qualitative imrovement of life in the old part of Patras" and concerns "Completed actions of urban development on a local, small-scale level". The area examined holds a key position and is part of the old city centre. The Ancient Roman Odium, the Byzantine Fortress, the Old Municipal Hospital (today hosting various cultural events) and plenty of other scheduled buildings of characteristic significance are all within a short walking distance. The opening up of St George street is going to allow the connection of the commercial centre of Patras with the Roman Odeum and the old part of the city. The improvement of this part of Patras is therefore of crucial imprtance for the whole city. 
This project aims at the revival of the wider region (in which the resident population consists of socially and economically lower classes) as well as the expansion of the whole city based on its location and its characteristic importance. The realization of the project is not expected to have any negative consequences to the environment. On the contrary, it is expected to benefit all the residents and promote its aesthetic beauty.