Mixed land use in state of the art about France

This document provides information on how France in recent years has dealt with spatial planning.
Land use on a multiple and intensive way is not very common in France. 
Although the French balance seems to be lacking, there are examples of improvement.

MILUnet stands for Multifunctional Intensive Land Use Network.
Several European cities worked together in this program, which ran from 2000 to 2007.
The initiative to develop an international network was taken by the Habiforum Foundation in 2000 in close collaboration with the IFHP Working Party MILU.

In 2004 the MILUnetwork was partially funded by the EU Interreg IIIc.
In the period staring in 2004 till 2007.
Each year, two study visits / implementation labs were held in European Cities.
During these intervision workshops, that were structured  according to the Implementation Lab format, participants provided a wealth of input with presentation of local and a regional cases that bore relevance to the study case that was brought up by the hosting city.

Authors: Ann-Caroll Werquin en Bernard Duhem
Year: 2002