The II-I product

II-I provides the connection to a wider and varied pool of expertise that is thoroughly grounded in practice, and to an effective and time efficiënt learning process that requires face-to-face exchanges and debate.
II-I covers the fields of urban and regional development, especially on facets of spatial planning, economic development, economic profiling and social, cultural and community development.
The scale and scope of each project can vary from a spatial vision or strategy for a mega-region to design specifications for a single building.
Many of the tasks will involve issues that cut across different levels of scale.

II-I products may be in the form of assessments and visioning by national and international experts, or in generating support for the most acceptable solution among diverse stakeholder groups.
Quality is a key element in the search for the right mix and balance between futurity, utility and amenity, costs and an optimal organisational and financial planning.

The Implementation Lab model that is applied, secures a tested client-oriented model of intervision.
The average Implementation Lab requires a three day programme of information transfer, excursions, workshops and plenary conclusions.
It includes forms of intensive intervision and counselling, management advice, programmes for knowledge exchange, various types of expert meetings and seminars.
The worlds of practice, academia and policy from diverse knowledge domains, disciplines, nationalities and cultures are brought together.
Differences are bridged by a strong focus on practical implementation.

II-I can be appointed for the complete process management or for defined elements of the project.
In each case, a clear agreement is made on the division of tasks between II-I and the client. This may be based on an hourly rate for the deployment of experts or for an agreed lump sum payment.
It is also possible to lay down in a contract the commitment required of II-I to raise funds from subsidies or sponsorships.
Activities carried out in the name of II-I and involving the deployment of experts from II-I's network may be agreed to on a licence basis.