RC - Granada, Caminos de la Vega

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The project studies how to establish different routes to ride by bicycle and to walk, in eleven municipalities, using and recovering parts of the creeks and riverside walkways, the traditional agricultural communication system, and the remaining itineraries of the old train system in the Vega of Granada.The project intends to recover part of the rural net that is used for agriculture in the Vega.
The Vega of Granada is an area that surrounds the capital of the province, it is one of the most fertile zones of Europe. The project has completed the planning of the routes use principally by cyclists, and the next phase is the design with measurements of the routes.
Today, the traditional use of this agricultural environment, so close to the city, in fact literally surrounded and threatened by an incredible urban pressure, is in clear degradation. Granada and its metropolitan area have a lack of green spaces, and a conflict of transition between the development urban border and the Vega.
This project would help to recover the green spaces for a public use, to protect the crops of the Vega, and therefore, to supply a efficiency of green areas in the metropolitan area of Granada.

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Type(s) of MILU

Interweaving: use of the same space for different functions.


GREEN - green spaces and urban rural relations.



Proyecto Caminos de la Vega

Planning and design:

Diputacion de Granada


Lessons learned

The remodelling and reconstruction of this net of rural roads is going to create a new relation between the suburban border of the city and the municipalities dedicated to agriculture and cattle farming. This relationship generates a new space with better environmental conditions, it opens up this area to the citizens to use and to enjoy, and it increases the connectivity between the different municipalities that define Granada?s metropolitan area.
The most complicated issue in order to continue with the implementation of the project is the legal aspects of some of the properties of sectors of the roads net. Some routes have disappeared, others have changed their dimensions or are barely recognizable. Apart from this, we can say that with a relatively low budget we have the possibility of reusing a huge extension of territory, making it accessible for the public to visit, to respect and helping to preserve it. In reference to promotion and marketing, we want to edit a guide about the routes.