Goal and mission

The goal of the II-Institute is to accelerate the development and acquisition of knowledge and competences for sustainable area development in:

  • urban areas, such as city centres, neighbourhoods, industrial areas, docklands, waterfronts, urban networks and suburbs;
  • rural areas, including urban/rural fringes, brownfield land, valuable cultural and historical land.

The overall aim is to increase sustainable spatial quality. To this end we work from the following principles:

  • An integrated approach - through interdisciplinary working
  • Meeting social needs - by generating support and consolidating interests
  • Effectiveness - by interpreting and addressing the problems of each area in its own right (tailored approach)
  • Upgrading and renewing policies and policy measures - through comparison and evaluation of problem definitions with best practices elsewhere

The added value provided by II-I consists of:

  • Enhanced professional skills
  • A stronger elected administration and improved relations
  • Accelerated and improved processes
  • Optimised outcomes
  • Reduced risks
  • Fresh insights and renewed working methods
  • A productive return on the use of resources