Theresa Gordon

Robynne Hansmann and Theresa Gordon are lecturers in the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the Durban University of Technology with their teaching and research focus being on planning and design.

They worked collaboratively on a number of research projects in the department over the past ten years, and have written joint publications reflecting on the project work undertaken together. In 2005 Durban University of Technology was approached to assist in the preparation of the Inner City Spatial Development Framework. Robynne and Theresa were involved in the management of the project to integrate a range of sectoral studies being researched. The main research question is to identify how best the Inner City of Durban can be regenerated through spatial, economic and other interventions. In 2004 they were involved in the Westbrook Umdloti Local Area Plan. This entailed that they were involved in a pilot study on the north coast to investigate the relationship between the existing and proposed built form on the coastline. The key issue raised is how to protect the coastline from inappropriate current and future development, particularly given the anticipated pressures for development in this area. In 2003 Theresa and Robynne undertook an audit in KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and Eastern Cape on the status of Spatial Development Frameworks and the spatial components being applied by municipalities. In 2002 Robynne and Theresa were appointed as part of a team to prepare the Spatial Framework for a five year period as part of the eThekwini Integrated Development Plan.

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