Rusong Wang

Rusong Wang obtained his Ph.D. in Systems Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1985.

His current position is as a professor and researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Science (RCEES). He is also president of the Ecological Society of China (ESC). The main purposes of RCEES are to carry out national and international research projects in environmental sciences, systems ecology and environmental engineering, to advance the science and technology nationally and internationally, to provide fundamental data in ecological and environmental sciences for governments and to offer applied high technology to enterprises.

In addition to this Rusong Wang is also the author an co-author of many published works amongst them; The theory and Practice of Hainan Eco-province Development. (2004), Industrial Ecology (2002), Eco-Integration Approaches for Middle and Small Sized Cities and Towns  Sustainable Development (2001), and Wealth, Health and Faith, Sustainability Studies in China (1996).

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