Ole Damsgaard

Ole Damsgaard

Date of birth:    15. December 1950
Nationality:    Danish
Marital status:    Married, two children


2005-:    Managing Director, Nordregio, Stockholm, Sweden.
1994-2005:    Managing Director of the Danish Town Planning Institute,    
.                       Copenhagen
1990-1994:    Head of Planning Division, County of Roskilde, Denmark
1986-1990:    Head of Section, Industrial Development, Greater Copenhagen
                        Council, Denmark
1980-1986:  Regional Planner, Greater Copenhagen Council, Denmark

1980:    MSc. in Cultural Geography, University of Copenhagen

Fluency in English, Danish (mother tongue)  

Relevant Experience
Mr. Damsgaard has extensive experience of regional development and spatial planning policies. Has been member of several national and international working and expert groups. Since 2005 associated member of the Nordic Senior Official Committee of Regional Policy. Has for years been a part time teacher at University of Copenhagen in Social and Urban Geography and has since 1990 been external examinator in Social and Cultural Geography at University of Copenhagen and University of Roskilde. He has participated in the evaluation of the Danish education system according to education and training of spatial planners. Since 2005 he has been chairing the steering committee of the Nordic Research Programme on regional development and policy. He is since 2008 connected as reviewer to EU’s 7th Framework Programme on Research.
Recent projects and tasks
Evaluation of the Potential for Regional Policy Instruments, 2007 – 2013, to contribute to the Lisbon and Göteborg objectives for growth, jobs and sustainable development,  task for the European Commission, DG-Regio

  • Planning of the Future City, adaptation to and mitigation of Global Climate Change, task for the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Renewable Energy and Clean tech – Tools for regional Development, task for Region Jämtland
  • Support to Nordic working groups on implementation of the Nordic Cooperation Programme 2009 – 2012 on Regional Policy, task for the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Evaluation of two research programmes ‘The Sustainable City’ and ‘The Livable City’, commissioned by the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial planning (FORMAS).

Important publications 2008 – 2009

  • Damsgaard, Ole: Disparities and potentials in the BSR. Baltic Rim Economies, issue 4, 29 August 2008
  • Damsgaard, Ole: A Nordic Perspective on the EU Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion – Turning Territorial Diversity into Strength. Nordregio 2009

Important publications 2006 – 2009, contributions

  • ESDP application and effects in the Member States, ESPON, 2006
  • The role of Small and Medium Towns and Cities, ESPON, 2006
  • Scenarier for  Øresunds Regionen 2045, Region Skåne, 2006
  • The role of urban areas in regional development, European and Nordic perspectives, Nordregio 2006
  • Regional disparities and cohesion – What Strategies for the Future, study for the European Parliament 2007
  • Urban development: Nordic strengths and challenges under headings of a new global agenda,  NordForsk 2007
  • Nordic inputs to the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion, The Nordic Council of ministers 2008
  • Simulating the impacts of urban sprawl on air quality and population exposure in the German Ruhr area, Part I & II, Atmospheric Environment, vol 42, Issue 30, September 2008
  • Framtidens Nordiska Stad, Nordregio 2009

Participated in:
IL Oslo 6-8 june 2001
IL Stockholm 9-11 june 2004
IL Vienna 2-4 sept 2009

(Nordic Centre for Spatial Development)

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Phone: +46 (0)8 463 54 40

Company website: www.nordregio.se

E-mail: ole.damsgaard@nordregio.se

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