Joao Basto

Graduate in Architecture by the Architectural Association (1975), London, and Post-graduate in Town Planning by the Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture et Arts Visuels / La Cambre (1978), Brussels. Master in Architectural History by the Court auld Institute of Art (1986), London and Rome.

Held consultancy posts at the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China (1983-1986) and the Cultural Institute of the Government of Macao (1995-1999). Former lecturer at the School of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong.

Coordinator of the Lisbon Centre for Urban Affairs and Foreign Affairs Officer on international territorial management and cultural diversity issues of the Lisbon City Council [LCC] (2000-2004).

Senior Adviser on EU cooperation and exchange programs on the development of cities and the sustainability of their environment, and exhibitions’ producer to the Strategic Planning Department of the LCC (2005-2009).

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