Huibert A. Hacco├╗

Huibert A. Haccoû (1950) is Associate Professor at the Saxion University for Professional Education and teaches Urban and Regional Planning at the School of Environmental Planning and Building in Deventer, the Netherlands.

Huibert Haccoû works as a consultant for strategic public policy making and process management in the field of spatial planning and the environment and is a programme manager at the Habiforum Foundation. In this capacity he initiated and directs the INTERREG IIIC Operation MILUnet, an European Network on Multifunctional and Intensive Land Use.

Educated as political scientist and economist (Free University of Amsterdam) he worked 15 years as an international consultant for leading Dutch consultancy firms. He was consulted for strategic policymaking in environmental issues, sustainable urban development and for organisational and procesmanagement assignments, by municipalities, provincial- and central government institutions in the Netherlands and European countries. After his consultancy period he became a city director for Public Works Spatial and Economic development, a function he combined with teaching at the Saxion University for Professional Education in Deventer. He initiated and chaired the IFHP Working Party on Multifunctional and Intensive Landuse in 2000, out of which the INTERREG IIIc operation MILUnet was established in 2004.

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