Albert van Hattum

Albert van Hattum (1947) works in the area of physical planning, infrastructure and city restructuring.

Often in the beginning of a project when decision makers are thinking if they want a project , when decision makers want to know if a project is feasible  or when an organization don’t have the people to do a project and ask me to help.


  • The ministry of transport ask for support to do the research by driving 2500 lorries during 8 month for accident prevention systems. The aim is to have less accidents and thus less files on the Dutch roads.
  • 4 ministries, a province and a region wants to have a physical scheme for 2030 when the amount of knowledge workers is doubled. How much working space, houses, schools, cultural facilities, roads ect.
  • The ministry of watermanagement wants to make our land safer at the seaside (dunes) by making better constructions and recreation space.
  • The province wants to use train stations better by building houses and offices in the surrounding of the stations.
  • Siemens wants to build a magnetic train between the airport, cities and locations where car drivers can park their cars.
  • Amsterdam wants to build a new metro line and is looking for managers to realize the project.
  • The harbor authority wants to construct a new harbor and ask me to do a process in the field of economy, traffic, environment and public interest.

When there is an international question in these fields I can help colleagues.

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