Abby Hall


Born: 1959
Nationality: USA
As a Policy Analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ms. Hall provides policy support to states and local communities that want to grow more sustainably.
In this role, Ms. Hall manages the EPA’s Smart Growth Implementation Assistance program for states and local communities, serves as a staff expert on green infrastructure policies for water management, and represents land use and water management issues on EPA’s Climate Change Adaption Team.

Ms. Hall initiated formal EPA partnership with FEMA’s disaster recovery and mitigation programs and manages National Awards for Smart Growth Achievement. Ms. Hall earned both her BA and MA in Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University. 

September 2010, January – February 2011 Ms. Hall’s has been awarded a fellowship that enables here to explore the policies and approaches that Rotterdam, Barcelona and Lyon are using to adapt to the effects of climate change and build for long-term community sustainability.

More specifically Ms. Hall’s research will seek to understand the ways that redevelopment and reinvestment build resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

Ms. Hall’s research will include investigation of at least one place-based project, such as waterfront or neighborhood redevelopment, to examine the success of policy implementation on the ground. In addition to presenting the results of her research to the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities, Ms. Hall will produce a policy brief that will be released by GMF at the completion of her fellowship.

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