RC - Czech Republic, Environmental Protection in Municipalities After EU Accession, II. (2004-2005)

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The aim of this project is to provide municipalities with information regarding obligations that arise from legislative amendments that have been newly adopted or are currently under preparation, and to show examples of possible ways of solving such issues in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as possible sources of funding in this area. The main target group for this project is representatives of small municipalities (levels I and II), which currently have insufficient access to environmental information. Thematically focused seminars are seen by municipal representatives as a suitable means of obtaining such information. This project is based on the concept of environmental teaching, education and public awareness (EVVO), with the environmental training of public administration staff being a priority.

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Czech Republic




Type(s) of MILU
Interweaving: use of the same space for different functions.


GREEN - green spaces and urban rural relations.

BLUE - water-systems and water related issues.


Ichaela Valentová, project head, Institute for environmental policy, p.b.c , Czech Rep.

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cities and municipalities

Lessons learned

The project involves eight seminars and four specialist excursions in 2003 and 2004. The seminars are to be held in six regional towns (Olomouc, Brno, Pilsen, Hradec Králové, _eské Bud_jovice, Prague) and comprise two thematic groups:
I. Water protection, anti-flood measures, nature and landscape protection, Nature 2000 programme
II. Waste - sorting and separation, air pollution, impact of traffic on the quality of the environment
The selected themes comprise areas in which the Czech Republic has approved exceptions for a transitional period, as well as areas that municipalities themselves have described as being problematic. Excursions are focused on a single theme and complement the seminars by providing examples of good practice.