Implementation Lab - Kagran Centre
21 MAY 2010 Vienna - Austria

The central area of Kagran is a place of great opportunities and significance.
It has a high centrality with the district administration on place and a big shopping mall. Furthermore it is highly connected to all sorts of transport.

Still it has some structural problems. In the course of time a lot of big scale uses and housing projects of all post-war periods have been scattered...

Implementation Lab - CUPA Bratislava
20-22 SEPT 2010 Bratislava - Slovakia

The Implementation Lab from 20-22 September 2010 builded on the results of the Interreg KOBRA 2010 project that aimed to promote cooperation between Slovak and Austrian municipalities in the process of urban development and planning of the greater Bratislava region.

The objectives of the KOBRA 2010 project: were twofold:

  • to develop a joint spatial vision for the Austrian urban regional municipalities neighbouring the city of Bratislava, as a basis for deepening cross-border spatial cooperation;
  • ...