Workshop - Charleroi
10 – 12 MAY 2006 Charleroi - Belgium


Charleroi is a Belgian city with a population of 212,000 approx., situated 50km to the south of the capital, Brussels. The city has an area of about 102 km2 and is located at a crossing point of the River in Hennegau province, Wallonia.

Digue Square is an historic locality in Charleroi. Since the 9th C, at the beginning of the Charnoy village, it has been at an important crossing point of the river on the Mons – Namur


Implementation Lab - Patras
8-10 November 2006 Patras - Greece

Patras has three different port areas, each possessing different functions.
These are: the Marina, the Old Port and the New Port.

It was the idea of N.E.A. (Development Enterprise of Achaia Prefecture) that the New Port of Patras should provide the local case study.
Discussions during the workshop showed, however, that the development of the New Port is closely connected with the further development of the Old Port and also of the Marina. In light of this all...

JULY 2006 Middelburg - The Netherlands

Dissemination of knowledge is one of the most important issues of the MILU and MILUnet programme. What would be the use of a project like this, if there were no chance that others have a stake in this accumulation of experience?
And who would be a better audience than young urban professionals? People who have finished their education and are on the verge of entering into professional life or already right in the middle of it. For them MILUnet organised a dissemination course in the summer of 2006.
The Roosevelt Academy and the Hogeschool Zeeland in Middelburg (...

Project information - INTERREG IIIA
Project Study: KOBRA 2010 – Stadt Umland Kooperation Bratislava 2010/
KOBRA 2010 – Urban Regional Cooperation Bratislava 2010

1. General Information
Keywords: Promoting urban, local and coastal development
Region: Austrian/ Slovak border area
Programme strand: Programme: INTERREG IIIA/PHARE CBC Austria-Slovakia 2000-2006
Measure: Cross-border Spatial Development in Rural and Urban Area’s
Priority topic(s): Sustainable Spatial and Environmental Development
Duration: January 2006-October 2007
Funding: The project had a total...

The project studies how to establish different routes to ride by bicycle and to walk, in eleven municipalities, using and recovering parts of the creeks and riverside walkways, the traditional agricultural communication system, and the remaining itineraries of the old train system in the Vega of Granada.The project intends to recover part of the rural net that is used for agriculture in the Vega.
The Vega of Granada is an area that surrounds the capital of the province, it is one of the most fertile zones of Europe. The project has completed the planning of the routes use principally by cyclists, and the next phase is the design with measurements of the routes.
Today, the...

Implementation Lab - Eindhoven Strijp-S
7–8 MAY 2006 Eindhoven - The Netherlands


  • How do you transform a former Philips site into a unique new urban area?
  • How do you transform sturdy industrial building area into a pleasant walkable and bicable neighborhood where life, work and leisure are well balanced ?

Professionals from the Netherlands and abroad have taken up this challenge.
The publication Strijp-S Eindhoven reports the results of the Intervision Workshop.

Mondadori place is settled in a strategic urban context, at the margin of historical centre of Mantova, very close to an important road from south-west to north of the city where is located the train station. Actually the square is dedicated to bus station. In the north side of the square is located the new Chamber of Commerce building and the reorganisation of the main road with the new "rondò" are completed. The project concern the new settlement of the area with mixed function: transportation services and station (connected with the new bus stops and the train station), reorganisation of the road sistems and parking areas, tertiary places with commercial area and...