Implementation Lab - Mantova
3-5 November 2004 Mantova - Italy

Sabbioneta is a town in Lombardy, Italy, within the province of Mantua.
It is located 30 km to the north of Parma, not far from the banks of the river Podia.
The population is estimated to be about 4,200 inhabitants: of these between 200 and 300 live within the old city centre (Old Sabbioneta).The area is approx. 37 km2.

Today, there are serious relationship problems between Old and New Sabionetta which are causing concerns for the municipality....

Stockholm MILUnet Workshop Kista
9-11 June 2004 Stockholm - Sweden

The main problems to address at the Workshop in Stockholm are as follows:

A. Local case: What makes it a place?

  • How can we create an attractive central place and make this place distinct, so that it becomes a positive part of the public consciousness of Kista?
  • Can a future “central district” be defined and developed in order to improve urban qualities and functions in Kista?

B. Regional case: What makes the location?

  • How can the urban functional...


MILU Portland Working Party
May 9-12 2004

The Portland (Oregon) meeting of the IFHP’s MILU (Multifunctional and Intensive Land Use) working party held May 9-12, 2004 was the fifth and final meeting in a series of gatherings held at the invitation of a host city.

Portland’s Bureau of Planning hosted this meeting with additional sponsorship and support from Shiels, Obletz and Johnsen, SERA Architects and The Pochter Group.

The purpose of such MILU working party meetings is to investigate, as a group, both new and persistent urban problems as they...

This project is one of the 14 national "example" projects for "Developmental Spatial Planning" (integrated regional developmental planning). The project is located in the delta of the river IJssel, a branch of the Rhine. The area features a unique open landscape and is therefore designated a National Landscape. Here, a growing safety problem related to floodrisk has to be handled ("room for the river"), and a major housing target has to be adressed. A new railway tracé has been endorsed and will have to be realised by the year 2012. The aim of the project is to integrate these objectives, together with protection of the historical landscape-elements...

This project aims to create an intervention procedure in the ancient Gypsum Mine of Castellón Alto in Galera, Granada. The objective is to consolidate and secure the stonewalls, vaults and domes to enable the rehabilitation of such a space for new uses that will contribute to the development of this municipality through economic promotion in relation with its archaeological and historic relevance.
This Gypsum Mine is an ancient singular quarry excavated in the ground right underneath what nowadays is one of the most important archaeological sites in Andalucia, Castellon Alto.

The building which now hosts the buildings of the Budapest Municipality was originally planned to be a hospital, later it worked as military barracks. Since Budapest Municipality owns it it was adopted and enlarged many times. Amongs others new office buildings, theater, fire station and a bazaar with many little shops were building during time. Due to the central location of the site, there were many plans for the renewal of the block in last few years.
Presently the aim is to create a center of mixed functions: agora, cultural functions (concert hall, exhibitions etc., hotel, retail trade centre, offices and car park facilities) are all considered as desirable functions....

The Old Arctic Market of Patras (Argiri Market) is a characteristic sample of Market buildings created after Greece purchased her freedom, it occupies a whole building block and is encompassed by three central roads of the city. An introvert building with internal atrium and two internal arcades with square columns faced towards the atrium. The building was almost symmetrical with as a sovereign element the configuration of its central entrance from Ag. Andreou road. The plot is of 1400m 2 surface with stone-built building of 1200m2. 
A big part of the building (half of its surface) has been demolished and the rest is abandoned and derelict. It is characterized as a piece of art and...

The Old Baths belong in the Municipality of Patras. By restoring the building of the Old Baths we intend to create an exhibition hall in order to serve the city's needs in the aspect of being "Cultural Capital of Europe-2006" The project's main target is to create a modern gallery to shelter the works of young artists as well as photography and sculpture exhibitions. Old Baths building is placed in the middle of the city and it is of historical meaning, it was built in the early 20th century and belongs to the city's architectural inheritance.

The work concerns the reformation of Tritaki area that constitutes part of the old city of Patras. The region has extent 2.802,00sm , is found in North-NorthEast end of the castle of Patras, in the foot of hill of castle and part of the buildings are adjoined on the wall of castle and are manufactured on it's foundations. The interventions that will become in the frames of reformation of the area forecast:

-the flattening of existing paving and the placement above special kind of stones from the region of Arta coloured white and yellow covering of total area 2.000,00 m2.

-the cashierings of ruined parts of concrete and the reconstruction of pavings with subbase part...

This project includes the opening up of St George street and the comlete reconstruction of the pavements and the gradient in a total of 2335 square metres in area. In order for the project to be realized, the following must be done:

1. Preparation and clearance of the area, removal of bushes, tearing-down of old buildings, deracination in a depth of 25 cm. especially in the area of the rising gradient. 

2. Demolition of already existing stoneworks inside the expropriated area and part-demolition of the rising gradient in order to reach the desirable height defined by the project.

3. Stockade with stakes of reinforced concrete of a 60 cm diametre and a 13 m...