The project was the result of a competition for the substitution of an obsolete football stadium and the adjacent square with a mixed use, high density development, with parking spaces and incorporating the existing civic use. The land belongs to the Town Hall. It is located in a densely populated part of the city that constitutes a second urban center, defficiently connected with the historical center.
The following paragraphs are extracted from the winning proposal?s memory:
"The proposal is born from the conscience of the damaged situation in which a previously exploited land is left. The main idea consists of organising a "protective layer" under which the...

Rio Fortress is found on the most extreme point of the homonym cape on the western entrance of the Corinthian gulf. The top of the cape is headed North where the Fortress is incorporated along with its central entrance and perimeters ditch of protection placed on the South. The proposed project includes restoring the rampart and more specifically rebuilding the main entrance gate on the south, sections of the perimeter's walls on the south and buildings within the Fortress, ditch restoration and degradation of all the newest constructions of the army. With these proposals the following are ensured:
1) Extension of the corridors network that can be visited inside the Fortress...

Gdynia meeting IFHP Working Party MILU:
4–6 June 2003 Gdynia - Poland

The IFHP Working Party MILU is an international network of professionals in the field of multifunctional and intensive landuse.

This document reports the results of the study visit of the IFHP Working Party MILU to the Polish harbour city of Gdynia in June 2003.

The subject matter is the development of a new city centre close to the New Maritime Forum connecting the new city centre  to the waterfront that has become avialable since the Harbour was given a more public function.

In the workshop attended by several local...

Green city for the tourism and the recreation

stimulating of small and medium enterprises’ development from touristic and recreational sector”

Leading objective of a project was increasing economic activity of small and medium enterprises (SME) operating in tourist and recreational sector, by creating adequate grounds to effective utilize of city green areas potential. Supporting objective of a project was tighten up links of cross-border cooperation between Lviv city and entrepreneurs operating in recreational sector in Eats side of the border, additional objective was exchange of experience between partners involving in this project in Carpathian...

The aim of this project is to provide municipalities with information regarding obligations that arise from legislative amendments that have been newly adopted or are currently under preparation, and to show examples of possible ways of solving such issues in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as possible sources of funding in this area. The main target group for this project is representatives of small municipalities (levels I and II), which currently have insufficient access to environmental information. Thematically focused seminars are seen by municipal representatives as a suitable means of obtaining such information. This project is based on the concept of environmental...

A greyfield redevelopment of a former shopping mall, Century Park will create nearly 3000 new residences, along with 18,000 m2 of office space and 15,000 m2 of retail space, adjacent to a major rapid transit station.
This is the first large-scale development of this kind in Edmonton, transplanting the Vancouver model of 'tower and podium' highrise design. This approach mixes street-level townhouses that front directly onto the street with high rises that are stepped back, achieving density without compromising human scale and an attractive pedestrian environment.

The project « Heart of town » in Lobbes (a municipality of Belgium near the city of Charleroi) is realised as part of the european programme “Phasing out - Objective One - Hainaut”. It is question to fit out the communal square and the approaches of the collegiate church of Lobbes.

These two places are central and important at town level, which forms with the city of Thuin a developing tourist pool on the territory of the Haute-Sambre.