The CapaCity – Urban Competences Implementation Lab, Gdansk, Poland
September 20th - September 22nd 2016


The workshop has worked on “How can we build on the current urban development trajectories and create an ensemble of public spaces and connections that contribute to the identity of the place, linked as it is to the birth of peace and democracy in Poland.” The workshop elaborates recommendations for public space connections within the Young City Gdansk (YCG), between the YCG and the Old Town of Gdansk and between the European Solidarity Centre (ESC) and the World War 2 Museum. Secondly the workshop identifies and assignes activities...

CapaCity Workshop CUPA Implementation Lab Wrocław, Poland
June 29th – July 1st 2016


In the framework of the CapaCity programme, the 11th Implementation Lab Workshop
following the CUPA methodology (cooperative urban planning approaches) took place from Wednesday 29th  of June until Friday 1st of July 2016 in Wrocław, Poland.


The program CapaCity – Urban Competences funded and supported by the Municipal Department 27 – European Affairs by the City of Vienna pursues a more deepened international cooperation between the City of Vienna, its organizations and other cities.
Within this framework a...

In the framework of the CUPA programme, the 9th Implementation Lab Workshop was held from Tuesday 8th of December till Friday 11th of December 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland.
The preparatory visit, which was made, resulted in a specification of the case study for Gdańsk Implementation Lab.
The Gdańsk Development Office presented three potential study cases for the CUPA Implementation Lab of which one was chosen.



Characteristics of the study case Gdańsk :

During our preparatory visit (5th - 6th november 2015), the...

A short preparatory visit was made to Tartu from 30th of March till 1st of April 2015.

The initiative is taken by Municipality of Tartu to invite the core members of the CUPA programme.

In the framework of the CUPA programme, the seventh Implementation Lab Workshop was held on Wednesday 2nd till Friday 5th June 2015.


Characteristics of the study case Tartu
During our preparatory visit, the study case area was visited and a general impression was gained of the City of Tartu.


In the framework of the CUPA programme the seventh Implementation Lab Workshop was held on Wednesday 26th till Friday 28th of November 2014 in Braşov (Romania)


The Final report of the CUPA BRASOV Implementation Lab is available. (Update: 21st february 2015)


IL-BRASOV-Final-report-2014-11-26-till-28-[final].pdf (38,3 Mb)


Workshop and Implementation Lab - Huelva
20-22 APRIL 2005 Huelva - Spain

The metropolitan area of la Ria (Odiel Tinto) de Huelva is on the southern coastal area of Andalusia at the tip of an estuary of the Odiel and Tinto rivers, which merge before joining the Atlantic Ocean.
The economic base of this metropolitan area is primarily derived from the processing and extraction of chemicals from local and regional mines. Despite an extended history of settlement and geographic significance, this area of Andalusia suffers from poor regional identity and image.
The MILUnet workshop and...

Implementation Lab - Munich
26 - 28 October 2005 Munich - Germany


location of case area
Munich is the capital of the Free State of Bavaria in the far South of the Federal Republic of Germany and is one of Germany’s and Europe’s most prosperous cities. The service sector is the dominant sector of the city’s economy, accounting for 72% of Munich’s GDP. The population is estimated to be 1.26 m, with that of the metropolitan region 2.7 m. The total area is about 310 km².