Implementation Lab - CUPA Lviv
Date: 19th - 22nd of June 2011
Venue: City Council at the Rynok Square in Lviv




The study case
The awarding of the EURO 2012 UEFA  CUP Football Games to the City of Lviv has triggered a whole new development in Lviv. The area that was selected 3 years ago, to accommodate the new to be build football stadium, has a...

Green city for the tourism and the recreation

stimulating of small and medium enterprises’ development from touristic and recreational sector”

Leading objective of a project was increasing economic activity of small and medium enterprises (SME) operating in tourist and recreational sector, by creating adequate grounds to effective utilize of city green areas potential. Supporting objective of a project was tighten up links of cross-border cooperation between Lviv city and entrepreneurs operating in recreational sector in Eats side of the border, additional objective was exchange of experience between partners involving in this project in Carpathian...