Implementation Lab - Mantova
3-5 November 2004 Mantova - Italy

Sabbioneta is a town in Lombardy, Italy, within the province of Mantua.
It is located 30 km to the north of Parma, not far from the banks of the river Podia.
The population is estimated to be about 4,200 inhabitants: of these between 200 and 300 live within the old city centre (Old Sabbioneta).The area is approx. 37 km2.

Today, there are serious relationship problems between Old and New Sabionetta which are causing concerns for the municipality....

Mondadori place is settled in a strategic urban context, at the margin of historical centre of Mantova, very close to an important road from south-west to north of the city where is located the train station. Actually the square is dedicated to bus station. In the north side of the square is located the new Chamber of Commerce building and the reorganisation of the main road with the new "rondò" are completed. The project concern the new settlement of the area with mixed function: transportation services and station (connected with the new bus stops and the train station), reorganisation of the road sistems and parking areas, tertiary places with commercial area and...

Into Padana Valley there is not only one of the most important people concentrations in Europe but also an industrial (big and small\medium enterprise SMEs) and innovative services polycentric system. In the late 40 years many clusters (SMEs specialized area) were developed producing a particular territorial model (cluster is a geographically proximate group of interconnected companies, associated institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalities and complementarities supported by external-economies). This spontaneous model produced social-economical advantages but in the same time the dispersion, the high mix functions and bad quality buildings realized proposed many land...