Workshop - Charleroi
10 – 12 MAY 2006 Charleroi - Belgium


Charleroi is a Belgian city with a population of 212,000 approx., situated 50km to the south of the capital, Brussels. The city has an area of about 102 km2 and is located at a crossing point of the River in Hennegau province, Wallonia.

Digue Square is an historic locality in Charleroi. Since the 9th C, at the beginning of the Charnoy village, it has been at an important crossing point of the river on the Mons – Namur


The project « Heart of town » in Lobbes (a municipality of Belgium near the city of Charleroi) is realised as part of the european programme “Phasing out - Objective One - Hainaut”. It is question to fit out the communal square and the approaches of the collegiate church of Lobbes.

These two places are central and important at town level, which forms with the city of Thuin a developing tourist pool on the territory of the Haute-Sambre.

The area concerned by this project is situated at the west side of Charleroi, and covers 4 districts (7,2 km_ and 12.500 inh.). One of the main goals of the project is to keep in place and to increase the population in the City of Charleroi, to avoid the lost of population to the outskirts and the decrease of mixity.


The 3 mains axes of action are to:
- upgrade the quality of the environment, degraded by the old heavy industries,
- upgrade the quality of life of the population, who is leaving the area,
- create the redevelopment of the area, with respect to the cultural and industrial heritage.
The originality of the...

The project Beauregard is an Interreg IIIa project France-Wallonia-Flanders, based on the trans-boundary territory of the valley of the Sambre river. The aim is a concerted valorisation of the urban centers :
- 'valorisation' because the objective is to show the positive aspects of the environment and to perform the actual situation
- 'concerted' because different actors are involved : inhabitants, technicians and the elect
- 'urban centers' because they are considered like an heritage suitable for a sustainable development of the territory

Four axes of action are defined :
- a diagnosis, to reveal the identity of the...