RC - Canraso Tudela, Canraso Eco City

Short description: 

The Council of Tudela and other local partners have proposed the project to create a sustainable community in the locality. Canraso, the new neighbourhood of Tudela hopes to become a new reference for the integration of new sustainable renewable technologies.
The Eco-Community of Canraso consists of a community with a very high energy efficiency, designed in accordance with the principles of sustainability and whose realisation is not only limited to the buildings, but also to the integral management of the neighbourhood services as well, including energy, urban renovation and the empowering of Tudela in its role as the second city of Navarra. Thanks to this project, an industrially degraded area will be redeveloped with a surface area of 1,250,000 m2, to convert it into a social, inhabitable space with all kinds of services in which the population will either directly or indirectly be contributing to caring for the environment.
Not only a residential area
Prior to the project, the main lacks and necessities of the Tudela area were detected and analysed, and as a result, the development includes urban parks, boulevards, squares, streets footpaths, sports areas and the public services necessary to transform it into a high quality, varied public space. Canraso is an area where you can live, work, enjoy yourself and learn. In a second phase (2010), there will be a commitment to the creation of an eco-technology park, which will replace the old economy of exhausted business.

Canraso Tudela




Type(s) of MILU

Interweaving: use of the same space for different functions.
Intensifying of space for one function.

RED - the urban fabric and its infrastructure.

GREEN - green spaces and urban rural relations.

Tudela City Council

Planning and design:
Taller de Ideas/ Miyabi

Lessons learned
The project presented here intends to involve all parts of society, increasing environmental awareness and promoting educational actions that back the laid out objectives. To that end, courses, seminars and conferences are planned as a means to disseminate the results of the project to society.
Disseminate the knowledge and understanding acquired in the project to the scientific community, and provide training for personnel already qualified in the involved technologies. Raise the awareness of all the sectors of society in general (citizens, politicians…) to the benefits of sustainable communities.
Prior to the planning there was a consulting meeting ,with representative people of the city, to evaluate the initial situation but also their opinions, expectations and suggestions.
The old industries will be moved to a new emplacement.