RC - Budapest, Lenhossek Park

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The Lenhossek Park gave new impetus to the development and rehabilitation works of the area. When opening the one-hectare park (once place for ten parcels with very deteriorated buildings), Gabor Demszky, mayor of Budapest emphasized that similar programs generate positive trends in Budapest. Ferenc Gegesy, mayor of IX. District emphasized that the investment is a good example for the co-operation among the districts and the Municipality: two thirds of the costs were paid by Budapest Municipality, and only half of it will have to be paid back – without bank rate. As he said, the costs of demolishment and construction were 140 million Hungarian Forints (about 560 000 Euros), while the compensation of the formal residents took 310 million Hungarian Forints (about1 240 000 Euro). Thus the costs – all together 450 million Hungarian Forints (about 1 800 000 Euro) – were paid by the Local Government and Budapest Municipality together.

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Central Hungary



Type(s) of MILU

Interweaving: use of the same space for different functions.

GREEN - green spaces and urban rural relations.



SEM IX. Incorporated Company. Local Government of IX. District Budapest

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Lessons learned

Experts are sure that the Local Government intervenes well when invests in advance, develops the infrastructure, and so raises the value of real estates.

Since the opening of Lenhossék Park the exchange of real estates in the area became vital, new houses are being built one after another.

The flora of the Park – thanks to the proper care – gained strength, trees grow healthily. The site, once home of old and neglected houses mostly without any comfort, now is place of a popular public place of the local ones.